Friday, May 14, 2010

The Future of Wrestling...Now.

"Rethink Everything" was the motto. Improvement was the focus; wrestling aficionado's the beneficiary and oceans of appreciation the driving force. The result, was a irrefutable change for the better.

G-Style Wrestling

G-Style Wrestling is a system of perhaps the most potent and powerful wrestling information, techniques, philosophy, motivation, attitudes, and strategies ever assembled.

This unique and extraordinarily potent wrestling system has been specifically designed to catapult each and every wrestler, coach, parent and fan to incredibly higher wrestling ground in all areas including but not limited to knowledge, performance, appreciation, enjoyment and success.

Moreover the receiver’s new found, deep understanding and “In the seed” perspective will enable participants to return to their personal wrestling posts and make indelible impacts that will subsequently, dramatically, and collectively improve our entire sport.

The Purpose

The Guru’s definite major purpose is to provide the global wrestling community the most valuable, convenient, beneficial, entertaining, creative and affordable wrestling information on the planet and become the “go-to” source for everything wrestling.

The Creation

It’s not Folk-Style, Greco-Roman, or even Free-Style, it’s…G-Style!

As a result of 37 years of championship experience and a unique seven-year journey of dedicated and focused research as a student of the sport, the Wrestling Guru invented his own unique, original and supreme Style of wrestling.

Crediting his experience with the sport of wrestling as the sole source which instilled the discipline, desire and determination necessary for such an endeavor, the Wrestling Guru dismantled the entire sport of wrestling to its barest bones, gleaned the best information from the best of the best coaches and competitors, and painstakingly built a Style that is truly beyond compare.

History 101

Wrestling is a supreme sport with unprecedented history and prominence. Thereto, the Guru paid homage to that great tradition and honor and yet added something totally new, invigorating and fresh; something that makes wrestling more intriguing, stimulating, and compelling for all involved.

“Somewhat ironically, but by way of history, we’ve modernized the sport of wrestling; in other words, by looking into wrestling’s past, we seem to have created its future”.
-The Guru

According to the Guru, the bulk of the future of wrestling is all in the athlete’s mind. The adage that “wrestling is 90% mental” seems to hold true and is widely accepted by most all the wrestling community.

Guru believes the future of wrestling focuses on better capitalizing on this truth and taking proper advantage of the mental strategies and techniques that are out there and known to work wonders.

“As a result of systematic study and personal experimentation, I’ve come to the conclusion that the fastest, surest and easiest way to help a wrestler become a serious contender is by tapping into the untapped portion of his/her mind”.

The future of wrestling is less about double legs, and more about “visualization”; less about arm-drags and more about “being in the now”; less about short-sits, and more about being properly “centered”.

“I believe there’s more to these semi-mysterious techniques than most of us would have imagined. There’s literally oceans of literature out there showing and telling how to get more out of ourselves and others, and I see no reason why wrestlers shouldn’t benefit from this highly valuable knowledge that’s becoming more main-streamed each and every day”.

To be sure, in Guru’s way of thinking, the future of wrestling is about engaging the athlete’s mind. Due to several factors, one of which is the dominating prevalence of video gaming and its inherent stimulating visuals, creative graphics and intriguing story-lines, the way to the athlete’s attention is by making the necessary wrestling connections via imagination, creativity and originality.

“We must speak the athlete's language; a dose of creativity and imagination when coaching seems to go a very long way in attracting and holding kids’ attention - I think we as coaches need to adapt to the changes that have taken place since we were kids and in my opinion, speaking the wrestler’s language is the perfect place to start.”

Language and Communication

“I believe we coaches should be mindful of the fact that research beyond debate tells us that when learning any new skill, concept or idea – be it a new wrestling move, mathematical formula, business policy or otherwise…gaining the person’s “attention” is paramount”. All learning begins with gaining, earning and holding the “attention” of those you’re trying to teach.

Given this valuable fact, the Guru has kindly developed a clear, concise and creative style of communication that effectively captures and keeps his athletes’ attention allowing the proper focus to receive maximum gain and optimized results.

Truth is, not many coaches are able to invest the time, thought, and energy required to create their own form of communication in order to help their athletes reach the top, but that’s precisely what the Guru did and it’s paying outrageous dividends.

Osmosis Communication

Osmosis Communication makes learning nearly effortless and is the Guru’s secret ingredient.

Seems to be, communication is the driving force behind every endeavor, project and task, bar none. Perhaps most coaches would agree the hardest part of any coaching endeavor is moving the information, attitude and experience from the mind of the coach, to the mind of the athlete.

“Osmosis Communication takes the most difficult part of the coaching process, i.e. the transferring of knowledge from coach to athlete, and makes it simple – and to kids, coaches and parents, perhaps nothing is more welcomed or valued”.

As a result, the information, techniques, and ideas given throughout instantaneously and effortlessly permeate the listener’s gray-matter and become permanent fixtures in their long-term memories allowing for easy listening, application, and recall. For many, Osmosis Communication is the difference that makes the difference.

In all areas of wrestling, and everything else for that matter, Guru seems to favor both simplicity and effortless advancement.

“I understand and respect the value of hard work, but sometimes, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. Often times, the status-quo may not be the best way to go, and every now and again it’s wise to think outside the box and find a better way to do things”.


In sweet harmony with G-Style Wrestling and "Osmosis Communication", the Wrestling Guru also invented his own system of Techniques called “Super-Techniques”.

This original, extraordinary and unprecedented System is incredibly easier to learn, shockingly more effective, and exceedingly more fun to practice, perform and watch.

“Because Super-Techniques are better on all fronts, including easier to coach, more fun to practice, and particularly because they’re positively more effective, I believe they’ll become the new standard in the vast majority of wrestling rooms across the country”.

Because of the unique structure, clear communication, ease of comprehension, and the stickiness factor, the techniques demonstrated are designed to instill wrestling advancement beyond compare.

Seeds of Wisdom

Additionally and simultaneously, the Wrestling Guru ingeniously plants several remarkably beneficial seeds of wisdom that will continue to grow, teach and bear fruit throughout the wrestlers’ career. Guru had this to say about his “In the seed” Super-Techniques…

“Even though each wrestler will benefit instantly, the bulk of the information remains in the seed. The Super-Techniques are actually ahead of the wrestler – as the athlete matures, he or she will actually catch-up with the information. It’s a real case of: “when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive”.

Amazingly enough, Guru’s ingenious seeds of wisdom are planted throughout and in all areas including the technical, physical and mental which leaves the participants uniquely poised for wrestling dominance at any and all levels including youth, middle school, high school, college and even Olympics.

In Closing

The Guru in reality is not any one person. In truth, the Wrestling Guru is the culmination of over 100 of the best wrestlers and coaches from around the globe and throughout the history of wrestling time and the result of 37 years in the sport, including a seven year journey filled with dedicated and focused work.

Throughout his career, the Guru has had the honor and pleasure of competing live or in live practice combat with some of the best wrestlers and coaches in the world. Below is the list of just some of the names who he’s personally faced on the mat and are proudly represented in his techniques, philosophy, strategy and tactics.

Dave Schultz, John Smith, Kenny Monday,Kevin Jackson, Rob Koll, Cael Sanderson, Jim Zalesky, Lincoln Mcllravy, Joe Williams, Royce Alger, Marty Kistler, Dan St. John, Joe Panteleo, Joe Melchoire, The Morgans, Chris Short, Mark Branch, Mike Sheets, Steve Knight, Troy Steiner, Jim and Jeff Jordan, Cory Baze, Stewart Carter, Melvin Douglas, Ken Chertow, Brian Dolph, Matt Demeray, Johnny Johnson, etc., etc., etc.

In addition to personally wrestling and studying the entire list of stand-out Champions above, the Wrestling Guru has either been personally coached by, or has meticulously studied by way of Wrestling Camps, DVD’s, YouTube, Flo Wrestling, Wrestling Websites, Books etc., etc., the following Masters of Wrestling but not limited to:

Dan Gable, Tom and Terry Brands, J Robinson, Kendall Cross, Zeke Jones, Barry Davis, Jim Heffernan, Roy Hall, Dan Chandler, Matt Fury, The Schwabs, Randy Couture, Cary Kolat, TJ Jaworsky, Ben Askren, The Martins’, Purlers’, Jim Miller, Jeff Buxton, Joe McFarland, Stephan Abas, Carl Adams, Ray Brinzer, Bouvaisa Saitiev, Arsen Fadzaev, Bobby Douglas, etc., etc., etc.

As a result of this lifetime of Championship experience and with the preceding Gods of Wrestling, and the aforementioned seven year journey toward wrestling enlightenment, the Guru knows what they know…and now you can too.

Stick around. Prepare yourself for the Guru is about to give a small token of his appreciation back to the sport that has given him so much. Keep your eyes, ears and especially your mind wide open as the Guru improves the way the world views, perceives, understands, appreciates and especially coaches our worlds oldest and greatest sport.

G-Style Wrestling The Future of Wrestling...Now.