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World Class Wrestling Camps - Synopsis

We believe the key to championship wrestling is implementing across the board an intelligent, comprehensive and strategic system that is easy to learn, properly presented, technically sound, works harmoniously and produces constant and never-ending improvement.

We also believe that the teams who either create for themselves or, simply adopt such a system, will instantaneously and consistently rise to the top and be able to produce a assembly line of regional, state, and national Champions.

After 38 years of championship wrestling experience culminating with a seven year study of the absolute best wrestlers and coaches on the planet, we’ve created a unique style of wrestling that due to its supreme strategy, attention to detail, and unprecedented level of systemization is shockingly more effective and efficient than any other camp around.

With a keen allegiance to “Simplicity” and the fearless motto of “Rethink Everything” we broke wrestling down to her barest bones and after gleaning the best of the best from the Gods of Wrestling, we painstakingly built a one of a kind wrestling program that is perfectly poised to catapult your team to the highest of wrestling ground.

Our innovative and tremendously effective techniques are “In the Seed” making them the most potent and powerful on the planet and due to wrestler-like dedication, unwavering commitment and a relentless refinement process, the entire program is boiled down to the inner-core making it not only the best in the world but also the easiest to learn.

Perhaps the rarest beauty with our camp system, besides the fact it’s world-class is that we actually come to your home to deliver the goods and save you HUGE amounts of cash on collective camp fee’s, food and lodging and increasing travel expenses.

The World Class Wrestling Camp is a perfect fit for any team, club or community that’s interested in building an entire program of wrestling champions – not simply a few key individuals.

The God’s of WrestlingThe best of the best.

This is the world-class list of wrestlers and coaches we meticulously studied and gleaned in order to create this perfect blend of wrestling techniques, information and supreme system:

Dave Schultz, John Smith, Dan Gable, Tom and Terry Brands, Kevin Jackson, Kenny Monday, Zeke Jones, Rob Koll, J Robinson, Cael Sanderson, Jim Zalesky, Ben Askren, Lincoln Mcllravy, Royce Alger, Marty Kistler, Marty Morgan, Jim Miller, Chris Short, Mark Branch, Mark Perry, Mike Sheets, Pat Smith, Jay Borshel, Steve Knight, Troy and Terry Steiner, Jim and Jeff Jordan, Jim and Joe Gibbons, Joe Heskett, Brett Metcalf, Melvin Douglas, Ken Chertow, Brian Dolph, Steve Marrianeti, Ed Giese, Melvin Douglas, Johnny Johnson, Matt Demeray, Jim Martin, Barry Davis, Jim Heffernan, Roy Hall, Brett Metcalf, Jon Reader, Dan Chandler, Dan Chaid, Kendall Cross, Bob Siddens, Jack Cuvo, Mike Krause, Matt Fury, Mark Churella, Randy Couture, Joe Scarpello, Cary Kolat, TJ Jaworsky, Bobby Douglas, Dan St. John, Joe Melchoire, Joel Sharratt, The Martin Family, Nick and Tony Purler, Alan Fried, Darryl Burley, Gene Mills, Jason Ness, Brian Dolph, Jeff Buxton, Mike Krause, Randy Lewis, Greg Strobel, Russ Hellickson, Joe McFarland, Stephan Abas, Les Gutches, Bruce Kinseth, Stan Dziedzic, Wade Schalles, Lee Kemp, Mike Land, Dan Zilverberg, Pat Milkovich, Dan Hodge, Chuck Yagla, Bill and Jim Scheer, Ben and John Peterson, Glen Brand,Yojiro Uetake, Carl Adams, Ray Brinzer, Dave Arens and a country full of the top Russians wrestling champions including Bouvaisa Saitiev, Arsen Fadzaev and Sergei Beloglazov.

The Physical Program

It’s all…“In the Seed”

All our camps begin with an incredibly deep-rooted and highly valuable core group of skills-sets, uniformed terminology and comprehensive information that lay the foundation for the wide array of forthcoming specialty techniques.

This informative, practical and conceptual foundation will generously plant all the necessary seeds laying the rich groundwork that will ensure your kids optimal growth by maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our championship system.

These skills are not only surprisingly simple to learn but at same time highly advanced in functionality and will by-themselves catapult your team’s performance to far greater heights.

All of the information, techniques and drills in this section are excellent content that can be conveniently used by your coaching staff all season long. Our intent is to plant the seeds for growth and believe if you can nurture them via daily/weekly review, they, ergo your kids, will produce great things.

Here’s the “In the Seed” Program…

The Stance – The Epi-Center of it all.

Where it all begins. You don’t get any points for a good stance but it’s perhaps the most important part of your wrestling. A good stance gives away nothing to your opponent but a bad stance unwittingly gives away oceans of unnecessary points.

Moreover, the stance is from where your entire offensive system begins so proper attention to this position is paramount for those wanting to go places.

In addition, a good stance will allow a Coach to move ten times as fast and save on years of correcting problems and frustration.

Head Position

Sometimes it’s the simplest and most subtle of changes that make the biggest of difference.

Head Position is another “In the seed” concept that is far more valuable and than meets the eye. In a nutshell, “good” head-position wins matches - and “poor” head-position loses them.

In this brief but incredibly potent session, your kids will learn and become masterful at both elements of ‘head position’ which will immediately make them both a much more effective offensive and defensive wrestler and enable their skill level to advance at extraordinary speeds.

The Seven Steps to Success

Footwork is perhaps the most misunderstood, least known and under-taught aspect of wrestling in the United States.

Because we don’t get any actual points as a result of good footwork, many coaches have glazed over it. Because our country has mistakenly ignored this area, its chock full of benefit and if properly installed the over-all improvement your team will receive will blow your mind.

This session efficiently and effectively installs all the essential steps in neutral position wrestling which will open the gateway to high level wrestling. Steps covered and mastered in this highly effective lesson include:

1. The Inside Step
2. The Outside Step
3. The Side Step
4. The Slide Step
5. The Hook Step
6. The Hesitation Step
7. The Jam Step

Step into greatness with the Seven Steps to Success and never look back.

P.R.O. Offense System

Pressure – Reaction – Offense.

This is masterful system of takedown wrestling that will instantantly and dramatically elevate your wrestlers’ performance from “A to Z” and, at the same time teach them an extremely valuable concept of wrestling.

Our original PRO Offense is a skill-set that will not only expedite your team’s takedown performance but will miraculously continue to produce rapid growth in all your individuals for their entire career.

The PRO Offense will instantaneously make your entire team look and wrestle like well…a bunch of PRO’s.

The Three "Shuns" of Wrestling

This is the Virtual Treasure Map to Creating Productive and Practical Motion that yields an unlimited supply of prized takedowns.

The treasure M.A.P. consists of three areas of focus:

1. Manipulation
2. Anticipation
3. Penetration

Learn the secrets of this concept wrestling idea and upon completion of this simple but profoundly impactful lesson, you will see not only an incredibly successful group, but also one that is remarkably more fun to watch.

Specialty Areas

The Back-Step: The 8th Wonder of the Wrestling World

This is without a doubt the single most valuable tool in all of takedown wrestling and if properly instilled, the Back-Step will single-handedly empower your wrestlers to takedown anyone on the planet.

For whatever reason, at this point in time hardly anyone knows this amazingly powerful secret and the select few who do are literally making a killing with it. We at World Class Camps can think of no reason why you shouldn’t be in on the secret and using it to your extreme advantage.

With this one small step, each and every athlete in attendance shall become a phenomenally improved takedown wrestler and if properly performed via prescribed and forthcoming combination of hand-positions and set-ups, your team will literally become one big takedown machine.

The Outside Carry:

This is without a doubt the best takedown in all of wrestling.
Want to become great? Lean this move.

Allow us to come in and show and tell your team how to master this one move and they will instantly become one of the best takedown teams in the state. After installation of this incredibly effective takedown your only problem as a Coach will be needing to find a few more managers to help tally all the Takedowns!

Use this move, along with our G-3 Tie-up Series including the High-Hook and the Post, V-Block or Vanishing Wrist and you will have a Takedown System that is not only the envy of the state but also nearly unstoppable.

Stone Wall Defense

Our original Stone Wall Defensive System will change your team now and forever.

Learn to build a Stone Wall today and your entire team will be wrestling like Division 1 All-Americans tomorrow. In this session, discover the subtle secrets of defense and how to employ this simple system and your kids will never, ever get taken down with leg-attacks again.

The Stone Wall Defense is crowned with valuable instruction on how to transition from defense to offense and if time will take you through our primed Counter-Attack System complete with the four essential defensive hand positions, how to gain the angle, and the secrets of attaining the all-important foot.

• The Circle Sprawl
• The 5 S’s of Defense
• The 4 Hand Positions
• Defense’s Triple A - Angles, Arm-pits, Ankles

G-3 Takedown Tie-up Series

Learn today, dominate tomorrow with this NCAA D-1 Series.

The most important part of any move is the set-up.

In order to achieve the set-up, you must first know how to win the Tie-up. The G-3 Tie-Up Series is the most potent Tie-Up series you can use and will hand-deliver your team to countless wins.

The beauty of this series is that not only is it the best way to set up our wide assortment of attacks but it also immediately and masterfully takes your opponents out of their offense at the same time! Adopt this series and let the fun begin.

Seat Belt Series

This series is absolutely priceless.

Not only one of the best series in all of takedown wrestling but also teaches one of the most valuable concepts in wrestling known as “Chain Wrestling”.

Even though “Chain Wrestling “ is considered by the masses to be one of the most critical elements of wrestling success, ask any Coach and he’ll tell you it’s actually a very difficult concept to teach.

However, this exceptionally productive series will successfully accomplish this highly valuable task for you in just one short lesson.

We believe this “Seat-Belt Series” will not only become one of your team’s favorite takedown series’ but because it also single-handedly teaches the concept of Chain Wrestling is worth the price of the Camp all by itself.

*This is simply a snapshot of our amazingly comprehensive, organized and packaged system. We will of course cover as much as humanly possible but of course time, number of helpers you provide and learning ability of your group will dictate how many of the potent lessons we are able to get to.

No one walks away disappointed with our system. If there are portions of the system you definitely want to see covered with your group, simply let your wished be known to Coach Lembeck and he will accommodate all you ask.

If interested in securing a camp date for your team, please contact Coach at:

Thank you very much.

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