Monday, April 4, 2011

The Mind of a Wrestling Champion

Wrestling is not what I do, it's what I am.

Although my life goes round and round as I would hope and expect, I've notice wrestling's pretty much on my mind 24/7/365 - sometimes center stage, but always at the background.

I am the first to say however I am not simply and only a wrestler...there is much more to me - but indeed wrestling is me and I am wrestling, that's goes now and forever.

Furthermore, I believe (OWAW) "Once a Wrestler Always a Wrestler".

From wrestling I've taken a wealth of knowledge, much more than the symbolic medals and trophy's but much deeper, more real and valuable things like desire, discipline and determination, things that I can and will successfully apply in all my future endeavors whichever direction I choose to go.

For in my invested time in this special sport I've discovered that no other sport I know mirrors life quite like the unique sport of wrestling.

Wrestling, in my opinion is the perfect teacher for life and perhaps the best kept secret in all of American athletics.

I remember reading a few years ago that the legendary Dan Gable said "American needs wrestling" and even though I was young I totally understood him...he was right on; I mean look around you, in this country who couldn't use some more desire, discipline and determination in their lives?

And which American kid doesn't want to be strong and athletic, you know?

And how many sets of parents don't want these types of things for their kids? All my friends' parents' certainly do.

Although I'm still young I've been around the block a few times and imho the sport of wrestling has value far beyond that which meets the eye.

Wrestling has taught me many great things but perhaps the most important is the ability to focus on something (that was good for me) for an extended duration of time.

Sure, I could focus on video games and computer all day and night, but that's not necessarily good for me.

Through the power of focus, which came as result of falling in love with the awesome sport of wrestling,I discovered that if I truly focus my energy on something, and become a student of it, many amazing almost miraculous things automagically happen.

Totally true and perhaps simplistic but surprisingly one of the first things I discovered on my journey to wrestling success was this: I learned that I could learn.

Ha, perhaps that sounds absurd to you but somehow I think I went my whole young-life not knowing I could actually learn a new trick.

I remember vividly that wrestling was the first 'anything' in my life that I thought, 'hey if I spent my time and attention on this, I'd get better'. Isn't that something?

I know that's kind of weird to hear and certainly doesn't speak highly of my intellect but I'm simply saying, that's the way it was.

Secondly, I got totally inspired.

Something about the sport engaged me and soon it was something I was doing on my own, by myself...perhaps much the same as riding my bike for the very first time. It gave me a sense of adventure, pride, and personal achievement.

When totally engaged, there was no work involved, it's a challenge I look forward to the time to work at my chosen craft.

Thirdly, wrestling taught me that (and I know this goes against the grain) but ultimately this business about there being a price for success is imho a total myth.

You see, in my way of thinking, the entire process of success is a priceless gift.

If you tell me that working with desire, discipline and determination toward a meaningful and lofty goal is a price - then what would you call the opposite?

I'm no rocket scientist, only a wrestler but I would say that those who never try those traits are the ones paying the real price.

Wrestle...for life.

Just my .02


  1. Great read Chris. I like your style my friend. I am going to print and post.

  2. I've heard coaches, fans, and athletes from several sports claim that their sport is like life, and this includes wrestling. They always say it in such a way that they must think they have the only sport that is like life. But I never hear them explain it to me. No one has ever given me a real good reason to believe that their sport is like life besides the usual hard work and determination qualities. For me, it all just boils down to one word... "Assets" I'm a firefighter. I wanted to be one for about a decade before I finally got the job. I knew that being a hard worker or having been in the military or doing well on the test or interview was not going to get me the job. It was a combination of all these things and more. A firefighter has to be in good shape, team player, common sense and a 100 other cliches. Every detail I left out was a weakness and held me back from getting the job. I look at wrestling the same way. A wrestler will not win on strength alone, or speed alone, or knowledge alone. It's a combination of quickness, balance, flexability, experience, ect. Leave out one aspect and you can be beat for that very reason. To me, that's how wrestling is like life.

  3. IMHO no sport mirrrors life quite like wrestling...that's why it's a national treasure and so valuable.