Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wrestling...Cerebrally Speaking

Long have I thought wrestling could break into the bigger stage with some unique kind of message that would help put us in a better context and light.

I believe if we could show the general public that wrestling is not all brawn and has some brains about it as well, we'd have a much better image - and as things get tight, perhaps we would be well served to try and tweak our collective brand a bit.

This is first stab (below) and only the beginning so perhaps go easy but will give you an idea of where we could go with some simple stories about wrestling that send, and more imporantly plant and nurture some highly positive and beneficial messages.

I think if we relay to the masses that we aren't all about doing insanely difficult things that could "make a billy goat puke" and point out some of the other more cerebral, just as truthful and Universally beneficial habits like "reading" perhaps we can win-over a few more kids, mothers and fathers and help us stay strong and plentiful.

Still in the cooker but this conceptual idea might be way to help promote our awesome sport positivity from within.

The author certainly welcomes any thoughts and/or ideas that come to mind and please feel free to copy this material and use for your kids, teams, parents at your convenience.

And as usual...thanks for reading!

Reading while Wrestling
A Short Wrestling Message

Evan rushed into his house for dinner, slammed the door shut and said, "I got two hours of reading done already mom"!

"What?...That's great!...um, but where"?? asked him mom very inquisitively.

"At wrestling practice mom! Don't you know you have to be a great reader in order to be be a great wrestler?! Coach even said so!!!"

"I didn't realize that Evan," said his mom obviously very impressed. "Boy, the sport of wrestling sure has changed since I was a child; and I sure do like it"!


Sounds a little strange, doesn't it?

But believe it or not, reading is a very big part of wrestling. Only in wrestling, we don't read words, we read feet.

Knowing how to read feet and other 'tells' wrestler's show is not only a uniquely valuable and secret skill, but is one of the very few concepts that can take you to wrestling nirvana, now.

Believe it or not, yes, you can instantaneously become an incredibly improved takedown wrestler by simply learning...The Art of Reading Feet.

Think about it for a second.

If you learn to read your opponents feet, you can figure where his next step is going to be.


Now, that's highly valuable information!

And if you speak the language of motion and know how to interpret this uniquely potent information you can weave this extraordinarily powerful skill into your current wrestling game and use it to your ultimate advantage!

At the heart of the matter, when you learn to read your opponent's feet, you effectively become ten-times faster, ten-times smarter, and ten-times better, now!

That's the power of a well-timed shot and the value of reading while wrestling!

Ask John Smith or Cael Sanderson - they'll tell you.

They were two of the very best in the world at this skill! How did they do?

Take a break from the uze and allow us to come in and teach you how to ready your opponents feet so you can become much better, right now.

Do this and I guarantee you'll become dramatically closer to wrestling with the efficiency, effectiveness and success of John Smith and Cael Sanderson.

Read feet and score big.


  1. How do you read the feet?

  2. Just like a book but instead of left to right, you go back to front.